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What Makes BFO Concerts So Special?

What to expect at a BFO concert: from newcomers to classical music aficionados, these concerts are designed with you in mind.

An Approachable Approach

The BFO is committed to making classical music accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Don't worry if you're not a classical music expert! Our inclusive and accessible approach to performance makes BFO concerts the perfect introduction to the world of classical music. We’re passionate about giving you a personal connection to the music. Before each piece, BFO’s conductor Alyssa Wang takes a moment to explain a bit about the composition's history, what inspired the composer, and what listeners should be paying attention to as they experience the piece. This contextualization not only makes the music more relatable,

but it also allows you to engage with the pieces on a deeper level. You may find yourself listening for specific themes or motifs, and appreciating the nuances and complexities of the music in a way you never have before. We hope that you will leave the concert with a newfound appreciation for classical music and the composers who created it!

A Little Bit Of Everything

The Boston Festival Orchestra doesn't just play the classics. We also feature new and exciting compositions that introduce you to new composers, styles, and approaches that we think you’ll love. You might even hear a piece that was written specifically for this orchestra! Those occasions, which include a world premiere performance, are especially exciting because the composer is often in attendance. We don’t want contemporary music to be an intimidating experience, and that’s why we carefully choose new music that we think is relevant, accessible, and thought-provoking. If the composer themself is not available to speak about their piece, the conductor will, giving you the right context to understand the music you’re about to hear.

Classical Music in the 21st Century

In many ways, classical music continues to have a reputation for being stuffy and inaccessible, with concert hall etiquette and dress codes contributing to an air of exclusivity. Some people feel that classical music is too formal, too expensive, or too difficult to understand, which can be a deterrent for those who might otherwise be interested. The BFO is striving to change that by encouraging audiences to not worry about what they wear, offering affordable ticket prices (with many free options available), and contextualizing the music.

By providing more context and insight into the music being performed, these initiatives can help to demystify classical music and make it more engaging and meaningful for a wider audience. Additionally, by creating a more welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, the BFO is able to reach out to new audiences and ensure that everyone feels comfortable and able to enjoy the music. Ultimately, the collective efforts of all of the organizations that focus on these elements are helping to make classical music more relevant and vital in the 21st century, and ensuring that it continues to thrive for generations to come.

See for Yourself!

Good news: tickets for the BFO’s 2023 Summer Stage season are on sale TODAY! Visit to see the summer season’s full programming, and get your tickets today. See you this summer!


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