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Arson Fahim, composer
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Arson Fahim is a pianist, composer and conductor from Afghanistan. He was born in the year 2000 as a refugee in Pakistan where his family had fled due to the war in Afghanistan. In 2012, he started taking piano lessons and a few months later, he received admission at Afghanistan’s only music school, the Afghanistan National Institute of Music where he also composed and arranged music and eventually became the conductor of the Afghan National Youth Orchestra and the Afghan National Symphony Orchestra. In 2021, only two weeks before the Taliban took control and once again banned music, Arson arrived in the US and started his studies at the Longy School of Music where he was awarded a scholarship.


Arson believes in the power of music to bring social change and considers music a vital weapon against fundamentalists and radicals who try to silence it. His music is inspired by the tragedies in Afghanistan and beyond. His compositions such as “Farkhunda”, “Freedom”, “Dreams of Peace” and “The Lost Dove” are a way for him to protest and raise his voice for justice through music. Arson hopes to help young, underprivileged Afghans discover music and help them change their lives through learning music.

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